Sam Jade Guest House

Sam Jade Guest House is located at Jalan Kuari, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands. This budget hotel is built near Brinchang town with only about ten minutes walking distance. There are about 28 guest rooms available in the hotel with spacious and cozy environment.

Sam Jade Guest House offers a very simple family accommodation with attached bathrooms, private balcony in most units and complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access. The guest rooms available for you to select include the Double room with a queen bed, Triple room with a queen bed and single bed, and finally the Quad room, with two queen beds. Decks at the top floors are equipped with a breezy and nice view of farms, concrete buildings and other landscape from Brinchang town.

As Sam Jade Guest House is a low budget hotel and a very simple guest house, it does not offer many facilities. Therefore, you will need to take a relatively short and easy walk to the nearby town. Once you are in the town, you can find restaurants, banks, convenience stores, supermarkets and more. On Friday and Saturday evening, you can walk to the night markets with varieties of food to try.

There are many reviews for Sam Jade Guest House, in which the feedback are not all positive nor negative. Some guests who have experienced a stay in the hotel are very happy with the nice and clean rooms, as well as the location of the hotel which is very calm and peaceful in Brinchang. Most importantly, it is within walking distance to many restaurants and stores, as mentioned. However, some guests are concern about safety during the night time even though it is only a short walking distance. In addition, the staffs in the hotel are very friendly and show good attitude towards the guests.

  Sam Jade Guest House is recommended based on its good location, clean rooms and comfortable stay. Also, it is good value for money as it is very affordable for a short stay.     

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